Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Graduation Celebration

On July 28, I was able to be a part of a very special day.  Rosmery graduated from high school!  It was such a fun day, and I feel so blessed that she wanted Chad and I to share this exciting day with her.  

Several months ago, Rosmery had asked Chad to be her escort.  At graduation ceremonies here in the Dominican Republic, each graduate has someone escort him or her into the ceremony and walk with him or her to get the diploma.  It is usually a family member or a close friend, so when Rosmery asked Chad, he immediately felt very honored!

The day of the graduation arrived, and we picked up Rosmery at her aunt’s home in Rio San Juan where she had spent the entire day getting ready.  She looked gorgeous!  She was decked out in a beautiful new dress from the Beckham family, and you could tell by the smile on her face that this day was panning out to be everything she had dreamed it would be.  

We took Rosmery to the park in Rio San Juan where she was supposed to meet with all the other graduates so they could walk in a parade with their escorts to the graduation site.  It was so much fun getting to see Rosmery meet up with all her friends and pose for pictures.  It was very obvious that she is a positive role model to those around her and it was really encouraging to see her in that environment.

After the parade, the graduation crew which consisted of me, Keely, Jeff, and Allison, left Rosmery and Chad and headed to the gymnasium to meet up with Porfi and Carla and some of Rosmery’s family.  Little did we know the night was only beginning.  Three and half hours later after diplomas and medals had been awarded, the band had played, the valedictorian had given a speech, teachers had been recognized, and every graduate had received a big round of applause, the class of 2012 threw their caps in the air and said goodbye to their high school days.

When all was said and done, we met up with Rosmery to tell her congratulations.  As her family and friends gathered around her to hug her, she got a little teary eyed.  It’s funny, but I remember having that same feeling when I graduated from high school.  Excited about the next thing to come, nervous about the unknown, but more than anything extremely blessed because so, so many have helped you along the way and they are all there around you to help you celebrate that wonderful moment.  

Rosmery is an amazing young lady, and we are so happy that we got to celebrate her graduation with her.  She is still deciding what to do and where to go next with her life, so I ask that prayers be lifted up for her.  No matter what she decides to do, I know she will be successful and God will bless her.  Congratulations Rosmery!