Monday, January 31, 2011

Here's What's Happening in the DR!

Well, I finally made it to the Dominican Republic!  I can’t believe I’m actually here!  So far, everything has been wonderful.  I flew in Friday along with a group of men from Northside Church of Christ in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  These men were flying down to the Dominican to do some construction on the buildings that we will be using for our school.  Chad and Rachel met us at the airport and we all drove back to camp on the Daihatsu.  When we arrived back at camp, some of the men who had flown in a day earlier from the Northside group already had completed a lot of work.  It was so exciting to see what they had done, and to anticipate what will be completed by the time they leave. 

After eating dinner with everyone, Rachel and I drove back to her and Evan’s apartment in Rio San Juan where I will be staying until about the first week in March.  I was able to get unpacked and get kind of settled in.  I’m so glad that I get to stay with them for a bit while I’m getting settled.   I love Evan and Rachel, and they have been so helpful with this transition.  I’ll try to post pictures soon of my new place. 

On Saturday Rachel and I got to go pick up Chris and Angela Lowe, two of the members of our advisory board, at the airport.  On the way we were able to do a little shopping and I even got a Dominican cell phone!  I feel so official now.  Haha.  Anyway, we picked them up and headed back to camp.  It was so good to see Chris and Angela and spend some time catching up with them on the way back to camp.  Once we got back, we were able to look at all of the school supplies that had come in on the UPS container that flew in with the men from Northside who came in early.  It was so exciting to see all of the desks, books, and supplies that will be used in the school!  It made everything seem more real, and I’m very excited to do more work on the school.  I’m also very thankful for all of the people who took the time and the effort to make sure that we were able to get all of those supplies.

Sunday morning we had church at the Outreach Center.  Afterwards, Evan, Rachel, Ronald, and I went to visit with the aunt of Milagros, a lady who is a member of the church in Rio San Juan.  Her aunt is very sick so we went to pray with her and visit.  Afterwards, Evan, Rachel, and I went to eat at La Casona, a restaurant here, and had a meeting with Nubia, Manna’s secretary.  We spent Sunday afternoon working on some documents for the meeting we have later this week.

Today we've come out to Bobita to inventory the supplies we have for the school.  Later this afternoon we're having Princesas and Pescadores and then coming back out to Bobita to spend the night out here.  

On Thursday night, we are having a meeting with the parents of the prospective students of the school.  Please be praying that the parents show up, that the meeting goes well, and that we are able to effectively communicate what we will be doing.  Pray that the parents will have a desire to have their kids be a part of the school, and pray that they are willing and ready to do whatever needs to be done to make that happen.  I will try to post again soon.  Love and miss you all very much!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Time Has Come

Wow!  I can't believe the time has finally come.  I leave tomorrow morning bright and early to start a new chapter of my life in the Dominican Republic.  I feel extremely blessed to be given the opportunity to be a part of this work, and I am so excited about getting started.  I'm so grateful to my friends and family who have helped to make this a reality.  I'm especially grateful for my Jefferson Avenue church family and the countless words of encouragement and prayers they have said for me.  I'm also so thankful for my mom, my dad, and my sister.  They have been so encouraging throughout this entire process, and I don't know what I would do without them.

The next time you'll hear from me on here will be an update with what is going on in the Dominican Republic.  Thanks again to all of you have supported and encouraged me.  And most of all, thanks be to God who has made all of this possible.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank You Jefferson Avenue!

Yesterday at church, my dad was able to make a quick little presentation about the work that I'll be doing when I move to the Dominican Republic.  While a lot of people at Jefferson Avenue were aware that I was moving, most people were not aware that the date for my departure had been moved up.  After services were over, I was blown away by the love, support, and encouragement I received from my family at Jefferson Avenue.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful sponsoring congregation and to be a part of such a loving church family.  The people at Jefferson Avenue are some of the greatest people in the world.  Their love for the Lord and His Kingdom is uplifting, and they have a genuine desire to help His people.  I am honored to be a part of this congregation, and I am so thankful for the love and support they've shown me through the years.

Days like yesterday make me realize just how important it is to have a church family.  I can't imagine going through life without people like that being by my side and encouraging me along my spiritual journey.  I am so grateful to God for the people at Jefferson Avenue and I pray that He will bless His church there for years to come.

Monday, January 3, 2011

January 28, 2011

Well, after much prayer and discussion, I have decided to leave earlier than originally scheduled to begin my life in the Dominican Republic.  I will be leaving the country on January 28, 2011, to start God's work in the DR.  I am so excited, and I feel so blessed that I am able to leave sooner than planned.  I have been overwhelmed by the love, support, and encouragement I have received from friends and family, and I know that I am doing what the Lord would have me to do.

So basically I write this to say thank you.  Thank you to my Lord and Savior who has made all of this possible.  Thank you for my parents and sister and their unending support and help in this process.  Thank you to friends and other family members who have shown interest in this work and are already providing support through prayer.  Thank you to the team already in place in the DR for making this an easy and exciting process.  I'm overwhelmed with gratefulness, and I truly feel that my cup is overflowing.